First day of work

It’s the end of the night, and it’s only the final fumes of the day that are currently keeping me running, but I thought I’d take a minute or two before I pass out to check in.  I started my new job today and it wasn’t terrible at all.

I woke up with a start about fifteen minutes before my alarm went off this morning, having just finished a dream in which I overslept and ran to the office in my sweatpants and tank top.  Luckily, my latent anxiety prevented that from happening in reality and I lay in bed awake for the final few minutes of unemployed time, staring at the slivers of morning light that were peaking through the slates of the blinds.

Once I got there, it was just like all the first days of work that have come before.  I filled out HR paperwork (I am quite excited to have health insurance again, after 18 months without).  I went on a walk around the office with my supervisor, meeting people, shaking hands and forgetting names as soon as they were told to me.  I set up my email and voicemail and read the employee handbook (did you know that there’s no ‘and’ in GPTMC’s name?).  I went out to lunch with some new co-workers, asking a bunch of questions and answering some in return.  And, at 8 minutes before 5 pm, I started watching the clock, looking forward to the moment when my time would be wholly my own once more.  Ah, work.

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