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For the last week, since the new job update I pounded out last Monday night, I’ve been meaning to post.  But it hasn’t happened.  It’s not for a lack of things to write about but more a feeling of overwhelmedness at suddenly how much there is to write down.  It’s like as soon as I take a job and release myself from the bounds of my apartment, I remember what it’s like to live and blog.  Here are a couple of recent tidbits…

Friday night, as I was riding elevator back up to my apartment, I got smacked by a wave of scent memory.  I was tired from the week and so was a little spacey and receptive to olfactory time travel.  The doors opened on the 14th floor and I was suddenly hit with the smell of cooking kasha.  The smell of nutty, steamy buckwheat hit my nose and I was a small child, riding the elevator with my grandmother.  I remembered the feeling of safety and warmth and I carried that sensual memory for the rest of the evening.

This afternoon, I made the mistake of going to Trader Joe’s in the middle of the Sunday afternoon rush.  The lines were halfway down the aisles, so I edited my list down to the basics and headed for the express line.  There was a lovely kind of teamwork and cooperation happening, as people tried to keep their places and make room for the others who came after.  A woman got in line with her daughter, and I got to chatting with them after briefly holding their place.  I recognized the woman from my building and as we talked about Center City living, multiple members of the line joined in.  It made the wait far more pleasant, and while I didn’t get my neighbor’s name, I know that we’ll exchange waves and hellos from now on.

And on the cohabitation front: I purchase my first brand-new piece of furniture in order to accommodate Scott’s gigantic television.    I must admit, I am enjoying the hugeness of it and finally understand what all the fuss is about HD.

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  1. Brittany

    I totally hate going to TJ’s on Sundays, I avoid it at all costs. That woman you were in line with who also lives in your building…in my interpersonal communication class today we talked about these kinds of people. They are called “familiar strangers.” I thought you should know. 🙂


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