New Sneakers!

new sneakersWhen I first started this blog, lo those many years ago (Apartment 2024’s three year anniversary was about a week ago, for those of you keeping track) one of the big things that I wrote about was my journey along the running path.  Back then I was hard at work, training for the Broad Street Run.  I did the 10 mile run in May 2005 and kept happily running through that summer.  Then I sprained my ankle and got seriously derailed.  I’ve been a hit-or-miss exerciser ever since.

The entire time I was full-time student, I tried to get myself to the gym regularly, but the unstructured life I was leading made it really hard for me to make time to get on a treadmill or outside.  My running shoes were also at the end of their lifespan and so every time I’d work out in them, my feet and body would ache for days, further deterring me.

It might seem counter-intuitive, but now that I’m working a 9 to 5 schedule again, it feels easier to fit exercise in that it did when I had buckets of free time.  And yesterday, I took myself over to City Sports to shop for some new sneakers.  I flagged a sales guy, told him I was stupid about running shoes and tried on about 12 pairs until I found some that were winners.  I went to the gym last night and was shocked at how much easier and less painful it is to run in good shoes.

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