A mountain of toilet paper

linen closet filled with toilet paper

Scott and I have a deal that if I’m buying the toilet paper, I get to buy the variety of my choice and when he buys, he gets to choose. If I ask him to pick up a pack, I cannot dictate what he buys. I understand and respect this deal. However, the problem with this is that I really like to buy recycled toilet paper. It gives me a sense that I’m doing something positive for the environment, especially since it is one of those unavoidable purchases (well, they don’t always use toilet paper in Indonesia, but it’s a little too cool in Pennsylvania to wash and air dry every time you use the bathroom).

It was my turn to obtain toilet paper recently, and after randomly poking around on Amazon, looking at kitchen utensils and books, the idea hit me to see if they sold recycled toilet paper. Amazingly, they did, and with Amazon Prime, shipping was free. With excitement flowing through my fingers, I bought a pack. That contained 48 rolls.

When it arrived, the guy at the desk in my building looked at it and said, “Toilet tissue? You bought toilet paper over the internet?” I babbled a little, trying to justify my purchase, before retreating to the apartment. Unsealing the box, I realized that I had acquired A LOT of toilet paper (I love that in England they call them ‘loo rolls.’ I wish I could get away with that here).

Scott looked at the box and asked, “Where exactly are you going to store all that?”

Thus challenged, I set about to find a way to cram it all into the linen closet. And, as you can see in the above picture, it worked! And now we are set for toilet paper for months to come!

11 thoughts on “A mountain of toilet paper

  1. Vinny

    As much as it seems silly, the truth is buying in that volume saves a fortune. I’m always embarrassed when we walk out of the store with the 48 pack of Scott, but honestly, in the end, I know I’m saving a ton of money doing it.

    Chin up. At least you won’t have to explain your TP purchase for another few months 🙂

  2. Diane

    Wow, you two must do a lot of orifice cleansing — that’s quite a pile of Q-tips you’ve got as well. When I was growing up, we had a grocery list hanging next to the telephone in the kitchen so anyone could write down whatever they noticed needed replenishing. No one ever checked the TP except my Dad. I guess his sense of delicacy wouldn’t allow him to write that on the list for any visiting eyes to see — he always wrote “music” on the list. We all knew that meant toilet paper. Of course, anyone who noticed always asked anyway and frequent visitors knew what it meant.

  3. Tia Mia

    Hey Meece – while you are demonstrating your abundance of TP and QT, how about adding a photo of your abundance of pens and spoons!

  4. Melody

    I cam across your site by complete accident and started reading.. and reading.. lol. Love it. Its fantastic. And I know what yuou meant earlier by by being bogged by lack of earth around you. I’m a student in Dunedin, New Zealand and I’m so poor but trying my best to grow my basil in my bedroom as its almost midwinter and you’d be mad to try growing anything decent outside here…
    Keep up the good writing, I’m very jealous of your lifestyle.

    My blog is still not mine at the mo, as I have to put blog tasks for one of my papers on it for now. But when thats done I plan to write more about my cooking.


  5. Evan

    you’ve been to Indonesia?

    The whole no toilet paper thing is definitely uncool. Kinda strange to do the was/air dry thing.

  6. Marisa

    Evan, the rinse/air dry thing isn’t as strange as it sounds when you’re in a country as hot as Indonesia. It is, however, bad form to offer someone your left hand when you’re there, as that’s the hand that does the cleaning activity.


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