Quick Fork: Scone on the range

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Check out the latest Quick Fork, in which we make scones in two minutes (well, to be honest, they took a little longer than that, but not much). This is my favorite scone recipe because it’s really easy, doesn’t use much butter and cooks up perfectly no matter what you do to it. If you don’t tend to keep buttermilk around the house, you can always use dried buttermilk (the perfect, never goes bad option if you like to be able to add some buttermilk to your baked goods) or mix some vinegar into milk for instant faux buttermilk.

2 thoughts on “Quick Fork: Scone on the range

  1. Fran

    Wow, that was an amazingly quick Quick Fork! I think it takes me a mite longer to make my version of cran-orange scones…
    But they are my favorite kind, and having eaten your version, I know they are certainly yummy yummy!


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