Weddings, new tires and serendipity

Scott and I spent the weekend in Lancaster County. We were out there for the wedding of our friends, Becky and Eric. As we drove out of Philly, I realized that I don’t get out of the city nearly enough. While I wouldn’t particularly want to live outside the energy of an urban center on a permanent basis, I also like getting away from it on occasion (especially since a seriously irritating squeak starting coming from one of the fans on the next building over. Seriously, it never. ever. stops).

The wedding was held in a barn (a nice barn that often plays host to ceremonies and gatherings). There were chickens wandering around the grounds, co-existing peacefully with some barnyard cats. A big, black pig was hanging out not too far away and there was a trailer of goats a little further down. Far more animal life than I see on a regular basis (well, except from the brazen squirrels and ratty pigeons that hang around Center City). The ring exchange ceremony was lovely and the reception was laid back and fun, with lots of barbecued pork, baked beans and dessert potluck (I brought my “famous” flourless chocolate and a walnut cake that improved drastically overnight–meaning the leftovers were much better today than the cake I brought with me yesterday).

In between the cocktail hour and dinner, there was a pig race. That’s right. Pig race. Possibly the most awesome mid-wedding active I’ve ever encountered.

Although we could have driven back last night, we decided to stay over. This morning, after searching online for the perfect local breakfast spot (and discovered that most the fun places to in Lancaster are closed on Sundays), we hit the Waffle House (you can never go wrong with the Waffle House). Then we headed for the Sears Auto Center. I’ve been meaning to get the tires replaced on my car for the last six months, and for a whole host of reasons (money, time, energy), I haven’t had the opportunity to do it. The salesman went out to take the measurements and determine what would work on my 1992 Subaru, and when he returned, he said to me, “You sure do have some thought provoking stickers on your car.” He said in a way that was mostly friendly, but also carried the feeling that he didn’t see many cars like mine out in those parts.

We wandered the mall while they worked on my car. I found two skirts on sale at Boscov’s and Scott bought a pair of pants. Then we spent an hour sitting in some plush club chairs in Borders, reading.

When we finally got the car back, it was off to Adamstown, to check out an antique mall. We wandered through although didn’t buy anything (although I was really tempted by a few old cooking pamphlets). Hungry and ready to hit the road, we decided to have lunch at the Stoudt’s brewpub (which was conveniently adjacent to the antique mall). After sitting down and ordering, I headed to the bathroom. When my hand was on the door knob, I someone say, “Marisa!”

It was my friend Devon, in from California. She had stayed with me a couple of days last week, but had gone off to visit her cousin in the suburbs. Somehow, circles of movement collided and we ran into each other for one last greeting and hug before she left for the airport tomorrow.  It was an unexpected treat and a really lovely way to end the weekend.

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