Enjoying life, mis-matched shoes and Neil Diamond

Enjoy Your Life

Last night, sitting across from Scott at Vietnam Palace, I realized something about him. He hardly ever complains. I, on the other hand, am something of a champion complainer. As we talked about the differences in our personalities and the ways in which I almost seem to require something in life about which to bitch, I realized that I don’t want to be that person. I have no interest in being the girl who must have something to be irritated about. After dinner, as we walked home, we stopped at one of the bakeries in Chinatown for a treat. Scott got a piece of cake and I got a mango bubble tea. Looking at the cup the bubble tea was served in, I realized it said, “Enjoy Your Life.” I’m trying to take a cue from the cup and do just that.

Two different shoes

Sunday night, we went to see Neil Diamond play at the Wachovia Center. I had gotten free tickets at work (Scott is something of a fan) and so it became a fun, fairly cost-effective activity. We were in a bit of a hurry that night when it came time to leave and so I rushed to put shoes on so we could head out. I didn’t bother to turn the bedroom light on as I shod myself and so didn’t notice until we were already outside our apartment building that I was wearing mismatched shoes (it’s my own damn fault for possessing so many pairs of Dansko clogs). I didn’t have time to run back up to the apartment, so I stayed mismatched for the duration of the concert. It ended up being something of an unfashionable evening anyway, as it was pouring out and we got thoroughly soaked while walking from the subway to the Center. Scott was so saturated that he bought a Neil Diamond tee-shirt to change into. I guess that’s the place to be wearing such a tee-shirt. Sadly, there’s no similar excuse for my shoes.

New faucet

In other news, we got a new kitchen faucet. The old one was a no-frills model that originally came with the kitchen. It was dirty past the point of easy cleaning, a little leaky and generally aesthetically unappealing. Scott and I took turns getting this one installed (he did the majority of the work, although I did loosen a few key bolts) and I love it. While we were at it, we installed a pump bottle to hold dish soap. My sink area has never looked so good.

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