Photos from Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam
Last Friday, after Scott was done with VM World, we picked up a rental car and drove to Boulder City to visit Hoover Dam. It is an impressive work of human creativity and artistic design. As we toured it, Scott and I couldn’t help comment more than once that had it been built now, it would have been far uglier and never would have been completed more than two years ahead of schedule (as it was). We sprung for the $30 tour and it was very worth it, as it meant that we got significant amount of time with a highly knowledgeable tour guide, as well as exposure to some of the access tunnels. If you happen to find yourself in the Las Vegas area with a little time on your hands, I highly suggest you venture off the debauchery of the Strip and get yourself to Hoover Dam.

You can find all my pictures here and Scott’s are here.

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