Fork You: Pickle of a Jam

[viddler id-2c6c1742 h-370 w-437]

Time for more Fork You (Scott’s really churning them out these days – they’ll be another up next week!). This one is a favorite of mine, because I’m a huge fan of homemade jam and pickles. There’s something lovely about making these things yourself instead of simply picking them up at the store and during the peak of summer (something I’m longing for at the moment) it’s so easy to put them together. When you’re in the midst of winter, there’s nothing better than having the ability to open up a jar full of summer (it’s all that’s keeping me going through these 27 degree days and 19 degree nights).

In other Fork You news, I never did post about the episode we filmed last fall with Scott Grzybek of Zukay. In Fork You: Ferment Everything, we make a fermented apple/pear condiment, sauerkraut and pickled daikon radish. All delicious!

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