Blackberry jam has nothing to do with the contents of this post

Blackberry Jam

Back at the beginning of January, someone told me that they could feel that there were some significant changes on the horizon for me. I grabbed ahold of those words like they were a delicious treat and kept them close by, for those moments when my discontentedness threatened to overwhelm me. I had a good idea in mind of what I wanted to those changes to be and didn’t want to conceive of the possibility that some other way might come to pass.

However, in the way that things most often work out, I didn’t predict the change that’s coming for me and it wasn’t along the path that I was hoping. Instead of finding myself closer to a full-time freelance career, I’ll be stepping down as the lead blogger at Slashfood at the end of this month. It’s not a demotion, I haven’t offended anyone with my posts about luscious food pictures or recipes for linguine. AOL has simply decided to alter the leadership framework of a few of their blogs, Slashfood included, and my skill-set and geographic location no longer fit the bill.

I was sad when I first found out, although as the days have passed, I’ve started to feel a good bit of relief in being released from the drudgery of daily, weekly and monthly reports and numbers. I’ve already starting doing some writing elsewhere and I’m looking at this particular change as one that will lead to more opportunities as opposed to less.

5 thoughts on “Blackberry jam has nothing to do with the contents of this post

  1. julia

    Thanks Marisa.. I’m looking forward to Your New Opportunities.. Please let Us know..By The way I’m a Portland Girl.. Oregon that is 🙂


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