The Bear-Man calls

Sometime early this afternoon, while was sitting at my desk, hunched over my lunchtime salad, my cell phone started vibrate. I didn’t recognize the number, but was intrigued enough to pick up (when you have a sister who’s an itinerant folksinger, you just never know).

A man’s voice was on the other end of the line (decidedly not my sister). He identified himself as Barry, the man behind the Bear-Man barbecue sauces. I had met him briefly last summer at the Fancy Food Show and liked his sauces so much (particularly the Sap Happy variety as it’s sweetened with maple syrup) that I included them in my round-up of favorite products that ran on AOL Food. He was calling to say thanks, as that placement had generated a whole bunch of orders for him.

I was so touched that he took the time to call and thank me. As I head into my final days with Slashfood, it’s nice to know that I’ve had a positive impact on so many different people during the time I spent there.

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  1. georgette farkas

    i too was recently slumping over lunch at my desk – only i don’t really slump becuase i’m a former dancer – and my boss daniel boulud walked into my office and laughed at the canned tuna i was eating. my menu was somewhat redeemed in his eyes thanks to the avocado over which my tuna was flaked. avocado is one of DB’s all time fave lunch ingredients. so for now, i still have a job. in any event, DB had stopped by to discuss the menu he and michel troisgros and daniel humm are preparing for their sunday march 8th citymeals-on-wheels gala. Do you wish you had had this for lunch today:

    Flocons de Chataignes aux Briseurs de Truffe Noir
    Chef Michel Troisgros, Maison Troisgros, Roanne

    Hanzell Chardonnay 2005

    Nova Scotia Lobster with Celery and Black Truffle
    Daniel Humm, 11 Madison Park, NYC

    Bouchard Pere et Fils, Beaune Clos du Chateau 2006

    Poularde en Demi Deuille
    Sun Chokes, Salsifi, Prawns and Albufera Sauce
    Daniel Boulud, DANIEL, NYC

    Louis Jadot, Gevrey Chambertin 2006

    Dessert TBD
    Domique Ansel, DANIEL, NYC

    Moet & Chandon Nectar NV, en magnum


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