Time picks Slashfood as a Best Blog 2009

Slashfood is a Top Blog!

Since July 12, 2007, not a day has gone by where I did not spend a portion of my waking hours attending to Slashfood. I’ve written nearly half a millon words across 1,700 posts, devised features, taken pictures and offered up some of my most treasured recipes (the granola recipe my mom got from her friend Melinda is now the first Google result when one searches for ‘granola recipe’).

This morning I learned that Time Magazine had picked Slashfood to be on its list of the Best Blogs of 2009. I am delighted by this news and am so grateful that it has come now, just prior to the time when I’ll be stepping down as the site’s lead blogger. While I know that I don’t need any external source to tell me that I’ve worked hard and done a good job there, this recognition feels awfully good nonetheless. It makes all the hard work seem increasingly worthwhile.

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