224 | 365

224 | 365

My mom and I stopped by Teen Challenge (a beloved Portland thrift store) today as part of a series of pre-Christmas errands. All the Christmas items were 75% off, so I spent a few minutes digging through the boxes. I came up with five little ornaments I liked. They charged me $.25 for all five. There is something so satisfying about buying five individual items for a quarter.

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  1. ann marie

    hi marisa!!!

    my older daughter Danae (you met her at the dinner party at the art institute) just moved to portland. if you have any lists of cool places to visit please send to me. in other news, delphina (who was on her way to CIA at that dinner) graduated, is living on a little 7 acre farm in the hudson valley, working at the wild hive bakery cafe, and doing all sorts of farm to table and sustainable ag stuff. im so proud of both of them!!!

    good to see you and your foodie progress and the lovely life you have made with scott

    happy new year:)


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