MOO Business Card Giveaway

I started using Flickr back in 2005 when I first started this site and soon after that, used the service that provided to print some tiny business cards that featured some of my photos. I’ve printed cards a number of times over the years using MOO and have always been entirely happy with their service.

Recently, a representative from MOO got in touch and offered me several sets of MOO cards to giveaway to my readers. Because this isn’t a food-related giveaway, I decided to host this giveaway over here on Apartment 2024 instead of on Food in Jars. Of course, any canners who might want some cards of their own are more than welcome to visit and enter the giveaway.

I have three sets of 100 MOO Business Cards to giveaway. One lucky winner will also get a bonus MOO Stickerbook.

  1. To enter the giveaway, leave a comment on this post andΒ tell me what images you’d feature on your cards.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm eastern time on Friday, Februay 17, 2012. Winner will be chosen at random (using and will be posted to the blog on Saturday, February 18, 2012.
  3. One entry/comment per person, please.
Disclosure: MOO is providing all items for giveaway at no cost to me. What’s more, they’ve given me a coupon code for their website worth $75 so that I can sample their products. My opinions remain my own and have not been influenced by these freebies.Β 

101 thoughts on “MOO Business Card Giveaway

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  2. Jessica

    Oh, I adore MOO cards! I use them for my side babysitting, and I’ve recommended them to several friends. I use pictures of my nanny charges, little slivers like toes in a sandbox or baby hands and feet crawling across a hardwood floor. Thank you!!

  3. Brandee

    Ever since I saw Breakfast at Tiffany’s, I wanted little calling cards like Holly Golightly. Traveling. I always thought that was so chic. If I were to get some of these MOO cards, I think I would get a selection of some of the places I’ve been: Point Judith, Great Smoky Mountains, Savannah, Ford Island…

  4. Rebecca

    These cards are so beautiful- I used to have a set and would love to get more! I would feature pictures of my embroidery patterns on 75%, and the other 25% would be pictures of canned goods- I think with a little hole punch and some yarn they would make great jam gift tags!

  5. VickiP

    I am so anxious to try MOO cards. They look amazing…

    I would have images of Houston on the back of my card to fit my blog, Houston on the

  6. emily | nomnivorous

    I love moo cards! I just recently splurged on some minicards for my side “job” and I adore handing them out. πŸ™‚ But I think I need more cards for this possible marshmallow small business. So I’d feature marshmallows, or my logo, or a mix of the two.

  7. Robert Bauter

    I always wanted to make cards with tomatoes and canned goods in a bright green, white, and sky blue. I also love sunflowers. It would be fun to mail them out with seeds.

  8. Shae

    I love MOO cards, too, and I’m almost in need of more. Whatever image I choose next time, you can be pretty sure it’s going to include fruit. Thanks for this giveaway, Marisa and MOO.

  9. Asiyah

    I am sooo out of the loop. Not only have I not heard about MOO cards, I didn’t know you had another blog!

    I would love to win some business cards because I could feature my quilts on the back of them. Now, that would be super cool…

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. Jackie @Auburn Meadow Farm

    I love MOO cards. My farm is all about humane, environment-friendly local food. I’m a big public library fan and love to leave messages in books to make people think about things they take for granted like food and farming, small actions they can take and little joys. MOO cards are perfect for this…

    Kind of like planting seeds…..

  11. Letitia

    I would use some of the photos on from my Instagram stream, particularly the ones I’ve taken of textiles, desk sets, and my desk, which is usually covered in various projects of the textile/pen and ink/fiber/cats-in-the-middle of it all sort.

  12. Aghavni Jabian

    Oh “These would be fun to have” . I’m getting ready to launch my art career (well second – change of life career) selling my Art Dolls. These cards would be a great start.
    Thanks for having the drawing !!

  13. Rose

    We’ve started a small antiques and collectibles business and need to design some business cards. I’ve taken a plethora of photographs of interesting items at some antiques co-ops nearby and would love to feature a collage of them on our cards.

    I’ve seen Moo’s business cards and they are top notch, so it would be a delight to have a set and have such a way to present our business.

  14. Anita Jackson

    I would love to attach them to the canned goods and sweets that I store in jars to give away. I made 12 pounds of hard tack candy for Christmas 2011 and stored it all in jars for giveaway. An adorable preprinted card with some of my favorite quotes and Vintage Christmas pictures on them would be fabulous!

  15. Kristia

    I could use some business cards for some upcoming blog conferences. I would use some real food/frugal living pictures from site, Family Balance Sheet.

  16. Lyn

    My husband has a set of these which he uses for his Oldtimer Clocks – various pictures of the clocks are featured on one side with his contact info on the other. Besides promo, he uses them as his price tags, hanging them with twine affixed through a punched hole. Works beautifully for so many purposes. I think I’d like to start a set with either pictures of the various items I’ve preserved or maybe photos at the various green markets and festivals I’ve attended of the products offered there – so beautiful!

  17. Robin

    I’m thinking maybe something bright that I’ve woven, or some of the jams that I made or maybe some of the old barns I took pics of this year.

  18. Peggy

    I ADORE Moo’s business cards! They would feature our time spent in Alaska…. everything from the moose and her twin calves that used to “hang” out in our backyard during the winter to the splendor of the Alaskan scenery!

    Thank you for this opportunity!

  19. Darla

    I would love to advertise my organizing business, but that’s a bit tricky to photograph. I’m sure I could come up with some tidy looking images encouraging people to let me work my magic for them. I would also like to have some garden shots for when I help families start a home garden.

  20. Sue Blando

    Hi, Marisa – I would use a picture of an eye, I think. I’m an esthetician and specialize in skin care, waxing, nails and makeup… I love your Food in Jars site, gardening and canning are my passion, but esthetics is my field and I’m trying to get my own business off the ground so I would choose my career (which I love) over my passion. I am passionate about people taking care of their skin as well.
    Thank you for all the pearls of wisdom that you so freely share.
    Sue Blando

  21. Melissa

    These would be perfect for my sister’s etsy shop! She sells handmade leather and wool felt chef knife bags and wallets.

  22. bev

    I have a wee etsy shop so I could take photos of my vintage items OR my grand grands!! I LOVE the moo cards…what a terrific thing to give away. I’d have too much fun with those!

  23. Courtney

    I am a jewelry crafter as well as a canner! I would love to make some cards with pieces of my one of a kind jewelry!!
    Unstrung Designs
    unstrung mom & crafter of jewelry

  24. Kaitlin

    Ohh these are great, perfect timing for me too as this is on my “to do” list for the month.

    Thanks for the opportunity! Love your blogs.

  25. Nelson W

    I would put a couple of necktie pics (from my necktie collection) a couple of food pics and a pic of our house. Love the MOO cards!

  26. kyla

    I love my moo facebook profile cards… they have delicious photos of my jams and knitting projects, because that’s what I posted on facebook!
    I would use photos from my new work (still in progress) to use in a show coming up very soon. they are delicious scans of fruit-

  27. alison

    I would love to have cards for my handicraft businesses (custom sewing, cloisonne enameling, and teaching handwork). For suitable images, I would create some new digital photocollages, similar to the ones that I made for my blog headers*, that combine many of my own photographs. It would be a fun project, and a great way to help transform my work life…

    * seen here and here

  28. Maria

    Marisa, thanks for the inspiration always. I’m a student of architecture, and so while there are so many fun creative uses for these cards that people keep pointing out (jam jar tags πŸ™‚ among others) I’d likely feature images of my drawings and work, and/or some architectural photography, and be grateful to have them to hand out to potential employers! (graduating in 4 months–cross your fingers I find my way to a fulfilling career, wherever that takes me).

  29. Susan

    The cards look great!! I really need some new cards to promote my fine art. I’d put images of my paintings on the cards. Pick me! Pick me!!

  30. abby

    I think I’d use them for my upcoming wedding – pictures of my fiance and I, maybe use them as wedding announcements, with our new combined address on them?

    Or whatever happens to be on my mind the day I order them – I’m a bit flighty like that.

  31. Sally

    I would pick one of my handmade creations to make the cards – that means either a card, food items or something else crafty…This would be the push I need to take this “side business” stuff to the next level… Thanks for sharing!

  32. Jennifer C.

    I make hair bows and sell them on etsy so I would use photographs of my bows on the front of each card along with my store name!

  33. Sherrie

    Oh, the possibilities! I think I would print some of my home-y pictures. Or maybe soap ones. Or maybe food ones. Or jars? I guess I can decide when I win. πŸ™‚

  34. CraftyAngie

    I would probably do pictures of flowers and produce that we’ve grown at the community garden…they need cards or booklets to let people know where to find out more about the garden and, because it’s more cost effective, I think Moo Cards would actually be a perfect combo! Honestly, it would also be more attractive and portable. I usually will discard a pamphlet; but a card I tend to actually put in my pocket.

  35. Novita

    One of my friends uses as a substitute to a coffee table book. I thought it was a great way to display pictures of travels and family.

  36. rcakewalk

    I love Moo cards – half the fun is picking the pics and cropping them I think. I especially like that the upload from flickr is super easy/fast, leaving more time for said cropping. I’m sure I’d put more updated food pics, or maybe logo cards for a change – or maybe I’d find a way to incorporate my logo on my food pics! Great giveaway – thanks!

  37. Adrienne

    I like the idea of using some of these as non-traditional calling cards, too! I’d get a section printed with photos of my husband and I at our wedding. Maybe a section with some jammy photos I’ve taken, too.

  38. Christie M.

    Yes, I love MOO cards! I would put photos from my flickr account featuring US gardens, farms, food, and maybe some photos from coffee farms in Latin America.

  39. Elizabetta

    Since I do a lot of traveling all around the world, I would feature some beautiful pictures of my travels!

  40. AppleTree

    These are fabulous. I’d use some writing-related images as I’m trying to shift out of classroom teaching back into writing and editing. Maybe a red pen and blue pencil?

  41. Jodie

    Moo cards look so cool. As a Home Ec teacher, I’d like food/sewing images…canning, bread baking, quilting, garments…..
    Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  42. Eric R.

    Love Moo and would love the chance to try out some cards for some canning for gifts or perhaps even some “So-and-so’s Dad” cards with my kids images!

  43. Maggie Bullock

    I would likely choose pictures of paper goods I’ve made. I have a small business that I’m just starting. Fun cards would be perfect!

  44. Jenny

    Perhaps some of my watercolor sketches of food would look cute on Moo cards—or photographs of canned products…hard to decide.

  45. Rachael

    Ohhh, never used MOO before, but they look lovely… and they would be so handy to show off my awesome jam photos! There is nothing like the beautiful jewel tones backlit by the late afternoon sun…

  46. Fred

    I love moo cards and have wanted to get some of my own for a while!!
    I would use pictures from my garden and kitchen of course!

  47. Tatiana

    I love MOO cards! I took over 700 photos on a trip to Peru several years ago, so I imagine a whole bunch of those photos would end up there πŸ™‚

  48. Rickki Wallace

    These are really neat!! I think I would do pictures from the homestead: canning, chickens, the barn. Or for my DH’s Bunkbed Business!! Ooooo…yeah, he’d love that!

  49. Sandy Howell

    I think I would feature some of my pictures from Israel on some and pictures of my canned goodies on others! I would love to win a set of these cards!

  50. Cynthia

    We have just started putting forward a small business of organic jams, marmalades,and preserves and were completely confused as to where to get our business cards! We would definetly use one our jams, maybe our organic blueberry mint jam! Or maybe my 4 year old goddaughter`s face all smeared with jam when I give her some LOL

  51. Jeff

    DEFINETLY a picture of the bada$$ jams my wife makes! Mmm! Ive been telling her to start selling but this would be a great intiative!

  52. Nicole Snyder

    I have been wanting to get some business cards for some time! I’m a dyslexia tutor and really needed some to pass out in the community and to my children’s teachers. I would probably put some educational images that pertain to literacy on them. I hope I win!

  53. Tsetsarhonde Marie Kateri Lahache

    My ginger grapefruit marmalade! Its my best canned product and such a beautiful color!

  54. Erin Healy

    My daughter & I have been raising and showing dairy goats for many years. We’ve recently learned to make soap using the milk. I would like to feature pictures of our beautiful goats, cute little babies & lovely bars of scented soap for our new business…Edenn Valley Soap Co.

    Thanks for all of the fun stuff you do! So inspiring!

  55. Martha

    My cards would feature international pictures of persons with disabilities because that involves my work. Or maybe a sign language alphabet . . .

  56. Ethan

    I will probably give the winnings to my wife, but I often take pictures of her painted furniture and paper art for her, so they’ll likely make it onto the cards.

  57. Susan

    ooh, I like the idea of using these as gift tags for canned goods … but I’ll have to master food photography. In the mean time, I’d put pictures of my dogs on them, and use them to set-up playdates for them πŸ™‚

  58. LyB

    I love Moo cards! I got a tiny set of mini cards with my Flickr account renewal a few years back and I’ve wanted to order some of their products for a while now. I would totally feature cakes, cupcakes, all kids of food stuff on my cards. Or maybe flowers, I love flowers. πŸ™‚

  59. Erin

    Perfect timing! I’m almost out of business cards and truth be told, I think they were a little too pink (I bet you never thought I’d utter that phrase). I think this time I’d like a more elegant card with a simpler look and feel. Or I could just give in to the pink and plaster a pic of the pink popcorn from an old blog post that Pinterest seems to love πŸ˜‰

  60. alison mcquade

    i would have pictures of chutney and chocolate – not together – as they have become my living!

  61. Greta

    I was gifted a set of MOO cards by a suitor in 2007. He made “business cards” for my dog! It was a hit. When my beloved dog died in 2009, I took the last photo cards in the set and made them into a prayer flag-style banner, and hung in the oak trees at a makeshift shrine in the mountains where I used to live. The cards, and legible photos, were still there when I visited in January of 2012. Truly a quality product and I’d love to get more.


  62. Jennifer Willette

    We used Moo cards when our son was born, as sort of birth announcements. We put his first picture on the front and his birth info on the back! I love how Moo lets you use more than one image in your packs of cards! If I won, I would print out new business cards for my baking business with pics of scrumptious desserts on them!

  63. Ginny Kinne

    I’d probably feature pictures of my bees! I started keeping bees last summer with one hive, and this summer I will increase to THREE. I love working outside, being one with nature, and of course the finished product…. 6.5 gallons of HONEY! (Which I kept and sold in canning jars). It’s a great hobby that I encourage EVERYONE young and old to get involved with.

  64. Kasey

    I was on Moo yesterday. I want the special edition they have out this month of February, the Love collection that looks like playing cards. It has egyptian and european themes – a good combination for my Tarot Reading and Art business. but maybe would design my own!

  65. Stephanie

    Ooh! The MOO cards are very nice!!
    I’m just beginning a small business making handcrafted accessories, etc. It’s slow starting out, but I think these would represent me well and help to move it forward!

  66. Julie B

    What a great idea. I would probably have something knitting related on one side and contact information on the other side.

  67. Lisa

    Oooh, I’ve been thinking about getting Moo cards for the farm for ages. Don’t know exactly what photos I’d pick, but it’d mainly be vegetables, and some proof of the people who pick them — hands or bodies at work.

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