I’m wearing a sweatshirt I got for $.50 and my glasses. Blue cords that are a little too big and my favorite danskos. I’m sitting at my desk, in my basement office, with my back to the window and my face towards the door. I was listening to my iPod earlier, but I had to unplug, because I kept missing phone calls. I keep having the feeling today like my spirit and my body are not functioning in harmony. It’s like my consciousness is a little restless and off-kilter. I’ll be sitting at my computer typing (like I’m doing right now) and I feel fluid, like I’m trying to escape that which keeps me tethered to reality. My feet feel floaty, like they would much prefer hovering near my ears. It’s a little disconcerning, but not exactly a feeling that I want to fight either. It’s allowing me to drift, to slide through the minutes without any attachment to the hours.

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