Blogger meetup or why you shouldn't drink and use sharp knives

I had a lovely, if slightly tipsy afternoon today, hanging out with the crew of Philly bloggers. I left a little earlier than most, after a raucous two and a half hours and two and a half beers, because I’m attending a party tonight to which I have been asked to bring a salad and I needed to go and make said salad. Well, just now, while trying to julienne basil, I did an excellent job of mincing my finger instead. Thankfully, I had already washed the lemon juice off my hands.

Lesson learned: don’t drink and slice.

0 thoughts on “Blogger meetup or why you shouldn't drink and use sharp knives

  1. howard

    I’m so sorry about your fingers — perhaps this was a sign that you should’ve stayed? I hope (as a veteran of many clumsy injuries) that it heals alright.

  2. albert

    i’ve sliced my finger a few times, but never semi drunkenly. i don’t think i’d handle my knives after a few. i see it’s not too bad to interfere with your blogging!

  3. albert

    i’ve sliced my fingers a few times, never drunkenly though. i don’t know if i’d trust myself to handle my knives semi-drunkenly.

  4. Marisa

    Howard, excellent interpretation! I should have stayed, instead of putting a digit at risk.

    Thankfully, I’m healing well, and the injury has not kept me from my blogging.

  5. Melissa

    Hi! Nice to meet you. We’ll chat more at the next meetup. Glad that all your digits are still intact and able to blog. Thanks for blogrolling me, I listed you on my little site also. 🙂