Random Friday

It’s Friday, and that means I eschew a substantive post to instead tell you what the first ten songs my iPod spits out are.

1. Comin’ Down the Rain, Nanci Griffith (Other Voices, Other Rooms)
2. Hoochie Woman, Tori Amos (The Beekeeper)
3. Fall Into Me, Lorna Bracewell (God Forbid)
4. Please, Eric Hutchinson (This Could Have Gone Better)
5. All the Kings Horses, Joss Stone (The Soul Sessions)
6. The Beauty Myth, Sandman (Mississippi Studios Live)
7. Point Shirley, Rhett Miller (The Instigator)
8. Church in Chicago, Mare Wakefield Band (Factory)
9. We Learned the Sea, Dar Williams (The Green World)
10. Great High Mountain, Jack White (Cold Mountain)

and the song that has come to embody my personal understanding of life lately…

11. The Times They are a Changin’, Bob Dylan (Bob Dylan Unplugged)

Favorite Song: Please by Eric Hutchinson. I love him, I just do, I can’t help it. The last time I saw him perform live, I dragged a bunch of friends along, and they went up to him after the show and told him I had brought them all, and when he was finished selling his stuff and talking to all the 19 year old girls who were swooning over him, he came over and talked to me. I think he’s great, and someday, the rest of the world will to.

Least Favorite Song: All the King’s Horses. I just don’t think this is one of Joss Stone’s best.

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