Random Friday–I'm back!

It’s been a couple of weeks since I managed to get a Random Friday set up. Being on vacation has a way of screwing up my blogging schedule (which is actually okay with me). But it’s Friday, and I’ve got a pocket of time, so I’m doing it.

You know the rules: set your pod to shuffle and report back the first ten (and sometimes eleven) songs that it spits out. No skipping, omitting or justifying allowed.

1. Alabama Woman, Papa John Kolstad (Beans Taste Fine)
2. Vicious World, Rufus Wainwright (Want One)
3. Fugitive, Indigo Girls (Swamp Ophelia)
4. Sun In My Mouth, Bjork (Vespertine)
5. The Boy in the Bubble, Paul Simon (Best of 1964-1993)
6. Halloween, Original Broadway Cast (Rent)
7. Peace From Running, The Gypsy Moths (Live on KBOO)
8. It’s All the Same, Adrienne Young and Little Sadie (The Art of Virtue)
9. Fish and Whistle, John Prine (Great Days: Anthology)
10. I’m Only Sleeping, The Beatles (Revolver)

Favorite Song: Peace From Running. The Gypsy Moths were my sister previous musical incarnation, and in those days, on this album, they were doing a fun jam-band thing. I love where her music is now, but this was also some good stuff.

Favorite Album: Swamp Ophelia by the Indigo Girls. This was my very first Indigo Girls album, and I bought it on cassette, because I couldn’t afford the CD. Listening to it takes me back to being 15, being at summer camp, and staying up late with my friend Matt to watch the Girls on Conan O’Brian.

Seen Live: Rufus Wainwright, Indigo Girls, the Gypsy Moths and John Prine.

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As always, if you have a list up and would like a little link-love, let me know!

11 thoughts on “Random Friday–I'm back!

  1. EdVS

    The Anthem by Good Charlotte
    Jump by Simple Plan
    Holla! by Baha Men
    Give a Little Love by Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makers
    Another Nail in My Heart by Squeeze
    I’ve Been Everywhere by Johnny Cash
    Overrated by Less Than Jake
    the Adventure by Angels & Airwaves
    Life Is A Highway by Tom Cochrane
    Runaround by Van Halen

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