Home again and Neil Young

Friday night I slept on a camping mat in the corner of a room that smelled like tempura paint, while drunken Iowa football fans caroused under my window.  Saturday night I found myself under a Pokemon covered head board, having displaced a five year old who spent the night on the floor of his brother’s room.  The unusual sleeping arrangements aside, I had a great time in Iowa.  The weather was beautiful and Iowa City is a surprisingly cute town.  They have a nice Unitarian church, a great bookstore and a fantastic food co-op, which is enough to recommend it in my book.

I got up this morning kind of late, my body stealing more sleep than it was entitled to in an attempt to catch up from the weekend.  Staggering out to my computer, I found an email from my sister in my inbox.  It seems that her song, ‘Nursery Rhymes’ has been discovered by Neil Young and his team of website folks.  They have compiled a list the top 600 war protest songs out there and Raina’s song is number 555 on the list.  The way she’ll stay on the list and possibly even move up is if people go and listen to it.  So, if you are interested and have a moment, please go take a listen!

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  1. Ameena

    I checked out Raina’s song, which was great. How cool that she is on the list (and hopefully moving up)! My mom and I went to see CSNY’s Freedom of Speech tour this summer, and we were pretty impressed with Neil Young’s new stuff.


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