A promise for more, better posting in the very near future

Somehow, I’ve managed to seriously neglect this space over the last week.  And sadly, it’s not going to improve right at this very moment.  Consider this post as something akin to a blog “lick and promise.”  However, as a taste of things to come, here are some of the things I want to write about in the very near future…

  • The fact that as of January 18th, I’ve now lived in Philadelphia for 6 years.  Considering I initially planned on being here for just 3 years, this is something of a milestone.  My life is so very different now than it was back then that I struggle a little even articulating all the ways in which I’ve grown and changed.
  • I am ridiculously in love with Scott McNulty.  Neither of us has written much about the fact that we are silly for each other on our blogs, in large part because it felt too special to expose to the harsh glare of the internet, but I am happy to announce that I adore him.
  • My parents recently ran into an old friend/coworker at a concert.  This man used to tell me stories about what it was like to grow up in a small town in rural Oregon and I would hang on to his every word.  It was delightful to hear an update as to how he is doing and know that his life has been unexpectedly interesting and wonderful, despite (in some ways, because of) multiple heart attacks in recent years.
  • The joy that is living in my apartment without a roommate.  I feel comfortable in my home in a way that I haven’t felt for years and didn’t really even know I was missing until it arrived.
  • My continuing attempts at keeping myself in a place of balance, that is free of undue quantities of harsh self-judgment.

Those are the highlights (or something approximating highlights).  I’ll be back soon with more.

8 thoughts on “A promise for more, better posting in the very near future

  1. Leah

    First, that makes me soooo happy to hear that you are so in love with Scott. It just seems to right and makes so much sense. I’m so thrilled for you both.

    Second, you have no reason to judge yourself harshly. You’re one of the most true, wonderful girls I’ve met in Philly. I wish everyone here had your spirit.

  2. Diane

    Please start with the “Scott and me” issue. I’ve been very patient!

    When I first started reading your blog, I thought you two were a couple and was shocked to find out that you weren’t. I mean, it was so OBVIOUS.

  3. Frank

    About Point #2 — everyone should be so lucky once in a lifetime to have someone write something like that. We’re cheering you both on from the sidelines. And smiling.

  4. Anthony

    Philadelphia has a way of grabbing people and not letting go. I hope you’re still here because you’re happy.

    As for the single life, I’ve lived alone for the past 11 years, and I’m not sure I could get along as well with a roommate – so we’re kind of opposites in that respect.
    Something about the solitary life suits me somehow.

    BTW, there’s something about the whole Tony Luke’s thing that makes me wonder. I haven’t been to the Reading Terminal in a bit, so I don’t know if he’s kicked the Oliveri’s out, but I’m hearing radio ads for his “expansion” and it makes me suspicious. It’s probably my cynical nature, but something about that whole deal just smells.

  5. mac

    You know, I wondered about the Scott thing, but didn’t want to assume anything as I am constantly wrong about this stuff.

    I’m thrilled for you both – mazel tov!

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