Standing around, staring at a baby

Derek on the floor

After that last blog post, promising more good stuff, I’ve totally dropped the blogging ball and have ignored Apartment 2024 for the last couple of day.  Apparently, I’m something of a blog-tease.

Some of my LA cousins have been in town this week (they are so glamorous!) and so I’ve spent a bit of time hanging out with them.  We gathered for dinner at my cousin Dan’s house on Tuesday night.  There was some talking, but really, the gathering was just an excuse to stand around and stare at Derek, who is nearly a year old.  A cuter kid is hard to find.  For the rest of the pictures of him (probably of interest only to my family) go here.

2 thoughts on “Standing around, staring at a baby

  1. ann marie

    babies and puppies are like campfires….everyone just stands around and stares at them…you just cant take your eyes off them.

    you missed an amazing cocktail party (next time) but looks like you had a great reason.


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