The merging of books

Living Room I
There’s been a lot of rearranging going on around these parts of late, what with the whole cohabitation thing stirring up the order and arrangement of stuff. Last Sunday, Scott and I moved twelve boxes of books from his place to mine (we moved three boxes several weeks ago). They’ve been sitting in stacks in the living room since last weekend, waiting for us to do something with them.

I started moving things around last night, in an attempt to make some room, as well as cull a few books from my collection and I finished the process of making space tonight. Somehow (I credit my superior organizational skills) we managed to find homes for all of his books on the existing shelves (I did get rid of two overflowing bags of books in the process and I packed up most of my CDs, because really, I rarely use them anymore since the advent of the iPod).

The end of this merging process is actually in sight, which is a huge relief (I like it when things are settled, organized and put away. I realize that the nature of life is always in opposition to this desire of mine, but I still fight against entropy on a daily basis). He has to be out of his place by the end of the month, so the next few weekends will be devoted packing, moving, cleaning and discarding. I have to admit that I’m hoping for a spring and summer of simple routine and ease. A girl can hope.

Hey, if you want to see the rest of the overpacked bookshelves in the apartment, here you go. Living room, entry way, den, bedroom and bedroom.

8 thoughts on “The merging of books

  1. Diane

    I loved collecting books in my youth, but as I grew older, I felt I spent my life caring for them. That may be because I have a horror of silverfish. Wouldn’t you love to have your own private librarian like the Queen of England and you could just collect them all willy-nilly. Now I will only buy the most irresistible books and give them away as soon as I can. The rest I borrow.

  2. julie

    Holy Library, Marisa. You’ll have to see the library at Hilary’s house. The two of you, I see, have something in common.

  3. Thad

    So this is what happens when two book hoarders live together. Craziness!

    @Diane, I hear you. It’s taken real effort to pare down my book collection over the last several years, but it’s down to a manageable size now.

    Whatever I buy, it definitely has to fit in the “irresistible” or “impossible to find any other way” categories. (Some of my interests are sufficiently eclectic that the latter classification allows more into the collection than the former…)

  4. Guamaniac

    Glad to see the antique collapsible tin-cups retained their watchguard over the library!

    I love books, too, and have recently (last year) integrated Ted’s collections into my own library.

    My fantasy home includes floor-to-ceiling shelves a lot like yours!

  5. Dan

    Hey Marisa,

    I understand what you meant, but I tend to think of entropy as the nature of Nature 😉 I actually think the nature of Life is indeed doing what you just did — fight entropy. Keep up the Good Life!


  6. bad home cook

    I love your bookcase!! I desperately need/want one JUST LIKE IT! Too many books…but I’m helpless in their sway. A home is soulless without at least 100 books…


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