A New Fork You! (Fork Off 1)

Back in the days before getting married to one another was even a remote possibility, Scott and I spent a lot of time together making a series of silly cooking videos. Once we finally got our heads out of respective asses and figured out that being together made an enormous amount of sense, fresh episodes became fewer, as we didn’t need to schedule an activity in order to hang out.

Thing is, we still have a whole lot of fondness for Fork You, despite the fact that in the last nine months, we’ve hardly posted any episodes. And so, now that all this wedding stuff is behind us, we’re doing our best to resuscitate the show. In addition to this one, in which we taste test cupcakes from three different area bakeries, we’ve got two other episodes in the can (as they say in Hollywood). Which ‘cake reigns supreme? You’ll just have to watch to find out!

[viddler id-fe264730 h-370 w-437]

3 thoughts on “A New Fork You! (Fork Off 1)

  1. Quid

    This was super cute! And excellent suggestions.

    (I’m a new Philly blogger and discovered your blog a few weeks ago…I’ll be returning often 😉 And congratulations on your marriage!


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