Crazy Times

I feel like the world is going crazy these days. Now, I know that crazy times are nothing new, but there’s something frighteningly different happening at the moment that I don’t know how to work with.

Not half an hour ago, a woman in the elevator smugly announced to the rest of the passengers in the car that she didn’t believe that climate change was real. She insisted that the scientists said it wasn’t happening. When one of the other riders gently pressed her on this point, she had no detail. It was simply what she believed and the idea we would challenge her was rude and outrageous.

The events unfolding at the Republican National Convention are a larger, more troubling example of this societal insanity. Patent untruths are being told from the stage while people cheer unstintingly for an egotistical narcissist whose organization openly admits that he’s not actually interested in the work of being president.

I am worried. As a woman (and the member of a family who was touched by an illegal abortion). As a Jew. As a person who counts many members of the Islamic faith among her community. As someone who respects science and the pursuit of knowledge. As a friend and family member to immigrants, people of color, and those who identify as part of the LGBTQ world.

Even if Trump doesn’t win (and goodness, I hope that he does not), theĀ ideological divideĀ in our country that his popularity demonstrates is troubling. How will we ever heal these rifts?

3 thoughts on “Crazy Times

  1. Candace H.

    The gulf is huge and just mind boggling. How do you come to any understanding with others when there is no reasoning with them as they do not operate on factual information. Blatant disregard for truth, kindness, reason, fairness I could go on and on. I have no answers, just questions as you do.
    I feel our only hope, as a nation, is a complete and utter defeat of Trump and his ilk. Just winning will not do. They will only regroup and try again in 4 years. Get out there and encourage all you know to vote. Usually most people are unlikely to vote but I fear that they are driven by anger and fear this year, powerful forces, that will send them out to vote.

  2. Rita

    Our country as we have known it will no longer be. Trump will destroy every bit of our nation until we fall to pieces. I also am very tired of those that want to give their thoughts and they do not know a thing. But…. the truth is always on their side(only in their own little minds). Thanks for sharing another foolish persons thoughts.

  3. Ron

    I’ve also been worried and concerned about America’s future. I like to think that it’ll turn out all right and then good and decent people will rise above the hate (#LoveTrumpsHate), but, it’s also possible that that might not happen. Still, those of us who have a voice can help others, share how unsafe America would be if Trump became president and vote. I cannot wait to do that this November.

    In the meantime, here’s a little Stephen Colbert to help:


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