Monthly Archives: April 2013

Self Doubt in the Final Writing Throes

Red tulips

My second cookbook is due to my editor tomorrow. Because I am something of a last-minute worker, I am still very much in the midst of the writing process and am finding myself getting very lost in self doubt as I work.

I’ve been mining old blog entries for themes and turns of phrase, and as I read things I wrote three and four years ago, I start to wonder if my some of my best writing is actually behind me. I used to invest so much of myself in my blog, but lately, that well has been feeling exceedingly dry. I worry that I’ve told all my stories and that maybe, just maybe, I’m not living enough to refill the creative cistern.

I don’t know the answer. All I really know is that at this moment, the most important thing to do is to continue to push through to the end of this book. Right now, there is no forest, only trees and bark and rapidly greening leaves. Hopefully soon, I’ll pull back and remember the forest.

Raina Rose in Philly

Raina and Andrew.

Hey friends. I’m terribly late in writing about this, but I just wanted to post a little announcement that my sister, the lovely and talented Raina Rose, is doing a house concert in the Philly neighborhood of Mt. Airy this Wednesday night (that’s April 17).

There’s a potluck portion that will be starting at 6:30 pm and the music will start a bit later. It’s a pay what you wish show and families are welcome. If you’re interested in attending, leave a comment and I’ll send you the address.

Cleaning Up and Getting Rid

getting rid

My book is due in less than two weeks and the impending deadline is making me a little crazy. Truly, I’d forgotten about this part of book writing, in which the approaching due date makes me compelled to do projects that have been sitting around for months (or even years). I’ll do anything not to be writing.

Over the weekend, I rearranged shelves. I cleared and wiped surfaces. I dusted spots that have not been dusted in many moons. My frenzy to clean and get rid of inspired Scott and he started pulling things out that could be given away. Between us, we filled eight bags with books and a very large box with other sundry items.

I also managed to finish the winter section of my book. Fall has been done for more than a week. I’m working on spring now. It’s getting closer.