Monthly Archives: September 2009

New Jar Storage

dad in wall

There’s a wall in my kitchen that, when rapped strongly, always sounded hollow. The storage space in my little galley comes at a premium and so I’ve frequently wished that I could bash into that empty space and add a few more shelves. Well, this week, my dream is coming true, thanks to my very handy father.

He was in town less than 24 hours before he’d cut a hole in the wall and developed a plan for building a shelving unit that is two feet wide, six feet tall and just six inches deep (perfect for jars of all stripes).

The gift of storage – it’s the best wedding present a girl could ask for.

Wedding Weather

sept 26 weather

Right now, this is the weather forecast for the day of our wedding. This is perfect. I need it to stay exactly like this. If you are so inclined (and if you believe in such things), I would so appreciate positive thoughts and prayers in the direction of the weather, in the hopes that it will indeed be clear, sunny and perfectly temperate on the day of the wedding.

Camp Tockwogh 2009

It pains me that this site has become nearly defunct in recent days, but at the moment, the bulk of my energy is going into maintaining Food in Jars, making things to feature over there and getting everything ready for the wedding.

However, I’ve got a few moments right now and a post topic to boot! Last weekend, and for the sixth year running, I pointed my Subaru south, towards the Chesapeake Bay to attend Camp Tockwogh (also fondly referred to as “church camp,” despite the fact that there’s nothing church-y about it, other than the fact that the people who attend come from two Unitarian Universalist congregations).

This year, we didn’t have the gaggle of young adults that we’ve had in the past. The crew has scattered, taking off for points south and west. It was up to Cindy, Seth and me to represent the young adult collective and we did so with honor (though, we admittedly consumed far less alcohol than in past years. We’re getting soft in our old age).

I drove down Saturday morning and met up with Cindy at a lovely wine bar in Chestertown. We ate lunch in the sunshine and later, wandered through a collection of thrift stores, dollar stores and grocery stores, preparing for the rest of the weekend. Seth arrived a bit later and we spend the rest of the weekend laying outside, reading, sleeping, swimming, kayaking, eating and talking. Camp is truly one of my very favorite ways to spend a weekend. And here are the pictures to prove it.