Where I Live…

I live in apartment 2024, in a high rise in Philadelphia. My family has lived in this apartment since 1966. The first time I came to this apartment I was 3 months old, it has been the most consistent home in my life, and I feel so lucky to have such a safe and comfy place to live. On the other hand, it does have it’s problems. Like the fact that I am the youngest peson in the building. The elevator doors are timed to close so that the slowest person with a walker is able to get to the door. It can be a little infuriating.

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  1. dragonballyee

    I can identify with you there. I lived in a high rise just outside of DC for a year with about a billion people 70+. It was interesting having 70+ neighbors on our 15th floor apartment. The lady used to give us fruit from when she visited her grandkids in the ‘burbs. Funny. Now, I live in Center City in a nice little place, no old folks and no fruit gifts, but lovin it.


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