Jason Mulgrew

Hey kids,
So there is this blogger out there, named Jason Mulgrew. He mostly writes about sex, alcohol, drugs and poop, so of course he’s got a pretty big following. He recently put out a call for people to help promote him, in exchange for a link on his blog. Because I’d like more people to read my little corner of the cyber-universe, I’m shamelessly shilling for him in exchange for a link. Except that when I put him on my blogroll, I somehow saved a typo that I now am not able to get rid of, so it actually says Jasom Mulgrew. Oh well, close enough. (hey, the typo fixed itself, the miracles of technology)!

Anyway, check him out, and hopefully someday I’ll be linked on his site and a little bit of his slightly off-color fame will rub off on me.

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