Belmont Plateau

Philadelphia has some amazing outdoor spaces, and so many of them are drastically underutilized. Tonight we had the Unitarian Young Adult potluck in Fairmount Park, on the Belmont Plateau. It is a vast stretch of lawn with a view of Center City that is impressed in the day and in the twilight. We sat across the street from Belmont Mansion, where a wedding reception was taking place. The fingers of the breeze pulled the unclaimed notes of the jazz quartet playing there down to our blankets and so we were doubly gifted with a free concert and an amazing cityscape. Lightening bugs skated six inches above the ground and the air cooled down to that point where you aren’t certain if air exists anymore, it is so close to perfect. Seth brought a grill and I channeled my Great-Aunt Doris, encouraging those gathered to “eat, eat.” Happily full and slightly dirty, we packed up three hours after we had arrived, feeling lucky to have such good people and beautiful spaces in which to enjoy this last Friday evening in June.

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