Let's bowl

Let's bowl
Let’s bowl,
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I had a fun weekend, there’s no other way to describe it. Saturday night we got a group of ten together to go bowling. I haven’t been bowling since I was an RA my sophomore year of college, which was a good six years ago. I had played skee ball recently, but I don’t think that the skills necessary to play skee ball and those needed to bowl are really comparable. At least, that’s what I’m telling myself, because I sucked. But, I had an excellent time while I played miserably, so I don’t really care. There was also a great deal of alcohol involved. My ability to hit the pins went up a bit during the first drink, but by the third, it was all downhill. But, the music was good, the people were excellent, Long Island Iced Teas were $3 a glass, and I entertained my friends with the song “Let’s Bowl Tonight” from Grease II repeatedly. Can’t much better than that.

0 thoughts on “Let's bowl

  1. Sherri W.

    It’s actually “Let’s Score Tonight”:

    “We’re gonna scoh-oh-ore tonight….” 😉

    How scary is it that I knew that off the top of my music-loving head?

    (There is also a bridge to the chorus saying somthing like let’s bowl, let’s rock-n-roll….)

  2. Marisa

    Sherri, that’s the second time in the life of my blog where you’ve been able to intelligently comment on my mis-use of song lyrics. This is why you are my friend!


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