My last day at Drexel…

and I overslept this morning. As a friend pointed out, at this point, at least they can’t fire me for being late.

I feel funny about leaving. As much as I was ready to be out, to move on, there were good things about my workplace too. I loved many of the people I worked with. The environment was flexible and casual. There was many a day where I left early to hit a thrift store. Leaving a comfortable environment, even if it’s oppressively, suffocatingly comfortable, is hard. Starting something new is even harder, and I’m about to dive into that on Monday.

When I left my last job, there were no mixed feelings, no gray area. I wanted out and when I walked through the doors of 615 Chestnut that last time, I felt buoyant. Today, leaving Queen Lane was hard. I worked later than I wanted, trying to get the last bits done before I left. When the mailing I was throwing together was done, I left quickly and did not linger. It was akin to ripped a band-aid off, it must be done firmly and without hesitation, or it will hurt and you’ll leave pieces of yourself behind.

I’ve been thinking about my life, and realized that I’ve been living in a series of four year increments. First there was high school (four years). Next college, another four years, with a life changing trip to Indonesia at the end. It’s been four years since college, that trip and almost four years since I’ve been in Philly. I feel ready to embark upon my next four year stint, my last four years in my 20’s. Here’s to the next cycle, may it be filled with love, joy and growth.

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  1. Pink Lemonade Diva

    wow – I give you a lot of credit and would someday love to hear what department you worked in. I lasted 6 months, not even long enough to take advantage of a “free” degree!

    Good luck w/ this next phase!


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