bad nap

I got home this afternoon, after church and brunch with friends. I wandered around the apartment for a bit, leaned back into my bed and was sucked down into sleep. In my experience, there are two kinds of afternoon naps. The first are delightful, you sleep gently in the airy light, and wake refreshed and happy to be alive. In the other kind of nap, the sleep sneaks up on you and pulls you in. It has no respect for your plans and intentions, and when you wake, you feel groggy, grumpy and a little blue. It was that second kind of nap I had to today. When I finally managed to rouse myself 45 minutes after I had initially succumbed to my bed’s siren song, I had to fight the sticky fingers of sleep that wanted to pull me back down into unconsciousness. I got up and walked into my living room, and my whole apartment looked slightly altered, as if elves had come in while I drooled and breathed heavily and moved everything a fraction of an inch. Even now, after an evening at an outdoor concert with friends and turkey hoagies, I feel slightly off. I think the only thing to do is go to bed and see if I can’t realign whatever was displaced while I napped.

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  1. Sandra

    I couldn’t agree w/ you more only it’s my 3 year old Logan that will wake sometimes in a worst mood than when he woke up. I must say I took full advantage of napping opportunity w/ my son this weekend. Both Saturday and Sunday I laid down w/ Logan. Great naps both times. 😉


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