Friendly face

I had a rough start to my morning today. I got to work a little late, sat at my computer for an hour and then heading out across campus to attempt obtain the black access key that will actually allow me to get into the suite that contains my office. I wasn’t the most cheerful person as I trudged along, but then something fun and terrific happened. I glanced up an there, walking towards me was a friendly face. He was the first person I’ve run into randomly in this new job world, and it totally turned the tide of my morning. I wasn’t able to get my hands on the black access key, but it didn’t matter. When you are experiencing as many things as I have been lately, it’s really remarkable what a familiar face can do!

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  1. aasmodeus

    Err…. i just realized she actually linked to my blog. WARNING. My blog is NOTHING like this very nice amiable lady’s (sorry, “girl’s” 🙂 according to your blog description). Please do not associate any negative feelings or attitude you may experience on my blog with Marisa. Some comments are Not Safe For Work either over there. Just fair warning for those with mild moral constitutions… 😀


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