Italian Market Saturday

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Di Brunos
Di Brunos,
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Ingrid and I went over to my friend Cindy’s house at 1 pm today, to collect her and head for the Italian Market. Our mission was to have lunch, take a wander and find something to eat for dinner, all things for which the Italian Market is uniquely suited. The plan had been proposed around 10 am, and had been tweaked and altered about four times in the subsequent hours, and we were finally off. We took Ingrid’s car, because I managed to lose my driver’s license today (very big pain) and I figured that while I don’t have the card, it’s not the greatest idea to do a ton of driving.

We parked on 10th, next to field near Pat’s and Geno’s and headed for 9th Street. I was totally spaced from lack of food, so that was the first goal. We wound up at Di Brunos, and I ate my panini in about five minutes. It was an amazing combination of tomatoes, mozerella, proscutto and pesto. So yummy. We sat at a table for about half an hour after our food was all gone, enjoying the shade we were under and the sun just beyond our chairs. A 12 week old border collie mix was with the people at the next table.

The market was surprisingly empty for a beautiful Saturday afternoon, but it was nice to be there without the crushing crowds and gawking tourists. I was actually able to stop at moments and take some pictures of the produce, something that doesn’t work so well when there are people standing four deep in front the lemons, limes and zucchini.

Dinner ended up being a big mixed green salad with Cajun spiced salmon and roasted onions, tomatoes and red peppers. We felt like we had a very food-magazine worthy meal.

0 thoughts on “Italian Market Saturday

  1. mofro

    Excellent! You should come down as often as you can (this is my adopted hood since I live just off the market). Lots of great food to be had within a couple of blocks as well. Festival days are worth it as well.

    Saturday was supposed to include a fundraiser for Katrina relief… But I missed it cause I was cooped up most of the day. Did you see any signs of it?

  2. PaxRomano

    I grew up in South Philly and many were the Saturday morning that my mom dragged me down to the Italian Market.

    Took my partner down there a few years back, it’s such a fantastic place – fills one with sensory overload, the sensuous odors of all the foodstuffs, the colorful people…damn I am hungry!

  3. Marisa

    There was a very small fundraiser for Katrina down there on Saturday, with some amazing smelling ribs cookin’ on a grill.

    I love the Italian Market, and I don’t get down there enough.


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