So as you can tell, I’ve made some changes around here. It’s my first big blog remodel, and as a total code novice it’s a little scary for me to put in my little extra bits, but I think it’s working so far. If you have any problems, please give me a shout. I got it here, if you are interested in checking out some free templates for your own use. Let me know what you think.

0 thoughts on “Remodeling

  1. PLD

    I like it a lot and am impressed! I’m so intimidated by web remodeling processes!

    Reminds me – I keep missing the meetups, but do want to make one. Sounds like a fun group.

  2. Marisa

    I was intimidated, but all it seems to work right now.

    You should definitely try to make a meet up sometime, it’s a kick to meet the people behind the words and pages.

  3. expatraveler


    Thanks for pointing out where you found your template. I love it, so much that yes I’ve converted. By the way, first time reading your blog and I love it!…great job…


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