Sail Away

This morning my boss asked me to walk and pick up ten large size Fedex boxes at the nearby copy and shipping place for a mailing we are putting together. Being the helpful and accomodating employee that I am, a little while later I set out, into the questionable weather, to obtain said boxes. It drizzled a little as I walked over, but the Oregonian in me is immune to the frustrations of rain, and I kept on. My troubles didn’t begin until I had the boxes and was walking back to my office. Because all of the sudden the wind kicked up, and I went from carrying 10 light weight cardboard boxes, to being attached to a very large, wind-catching sail. I’m relatively certain that I was the funniest site on Market Street today, as I attempted (and failed ) to walk in a straight line down the sidewalk and still hold on to the boxes.

I did manage to get back to my office, albeit with some seriously sore biceps and some freakishly tousled hair.

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