Becoming my mother and other news

This morning, in my hurry to get myself dressed, I did something I swore I would never do past the age of seven. I put on knee socks. My mother used to wear knee socks on a regular basis. I remember watching her pull them on in the morning when I was a young teenager, and thought they were horrible. And now, here I am, in knee socks. I have to say, they are quite nice, too. Just like tights, but without the uncomfortable waistband. I may be a knee sock convert.

In other news, if you haven’t heard about the movie, Walmart: The High Cost of Low Price, hear about it now. It’s the latest from the director of Outfoxed and they are doing a grassroots screening campaign. I’ve ordered the DVD and will hosting a free screeing of the movie (under the auspices of the UU Young Adult Group) on Tuesday, November 15th at 8 pm. If you live in Philly and you’d like to come, give me a shout. I do believe there will be a potluck dinner portion of the evening as well.

Lastly, my sister, the incomparable Raina Rose, will be doing the first show in her tour this Friday, October 28th at Bazaar Cafe in San Francisco. If you live in that area, go, check her out.

0 thoughts on “Becoming my mother and other news

  1. Elizabeth

    It´s always a scary moment when you realize that you have, in fact, become your mother. I find that I stand the same way my mother does and I sigh the same exasperated sigh when things aren´t going how I want them to. I haven´t devolved into knee socks yet, but I´m sure that they are not too far away. I am standing firm against the granny underwear, though!

  2. MoDad

    I am amused to see and hear my sense of humor come out of either of my delightful children. It’s an amusing form of revenge for the irritation of having to parent them.

  3. Mom

    It could be a lot worse than knee socks. (You should be glad you didn’t get my bony knees!) I welcome your choices not to be anything like me. I wouldn’t want a clone. Love, yo mama

  4. beth

    I would just like to say that I LOVE knee socks and wear them almost every time I wear pants in the winter. They keep you warm and don’t have the annoying crotch-sag (I hope you don’t mind me using this term) of tights.


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