Forgotten Friend

I spent most of yesterday lazing around my apartment. I watched “I, Robot” on HBO, and realized it was just as bad as the reviews had claimed. I did some laundry, bagged some trash and forgot to pick up a friend at the airport.

What was I finally got out of the house around 4:30 pm to go to Subud. I had a good, relaxing latihan, and drove home sleepy and a little out of it. I was so out of it that I forgot to turn my cellphone back on, and in doing so, missed Seth’s call telling me his flight had landed.

I finally remembered to turn my phone back on at 9:45 pm, and when I saw I had 4 missed calls, I was a little confused. Who would had been calling? I listened to the first message, sat with a thunk of my bed and let out a huge gasp. I could not believe that I had forgotten him. This is NOT the type of thing I do. I am the reliable, dependable one. I organize group birthday gifts, drive people home after drinking (if I’m sober), give extra hugs and generally act as den mother (a duty I share with Cindy) to my lovely crew of friends.

I finally reached him, and apologized. He said it wasn’t a big deal, he was home now after taking the train and all was fine. But somehow his acceptance of my fervent explanation hasn’t totally discharged my feelings of guilt and inadvertent shirking of responsibility. It will recede with time.

In the meantime, while my mistake still niggles at my consciousness, I offer one more apology via cyberspace to Seth. I am SO sorry I forgot to pick you up. It won’t happen again.

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  1. Pax Romano

    Oh god, I did that once … and it was my parents! Forgot to pick them up at the airport when they flew back in from Las Vegas; I thought they were coming back two days later, so I spent the day (with no cell phone) at the beach.

    Yes, I was almost disowned over that one.

  2. Jay V

    It’s so funny that you should mention that because over the weekend I too watched I, Robot, and thought that it was slightly BETTER than the reviews had claimed!

    IMDB-goers rated it a 7, though.

  3. alecia

    That’s hilarious. Some of my friends refuse to come visit me now because they’ve been stranded at the airport for an hour or two. Most of them have learned to trick me into thinking they are landing an hour ealier than they actually are.

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