My sister, the child who returned…

Tonight, on the phone with my mom, we started talking about my sister. My mother had just commented about the fact that Raina is kind of dirty (dirt from the yard, crumbs in the car, used Q-tips in the bathroom dirty. What were you thinking I meant?). My mom continued with, “it really doesn’t matter if she’s dirty, though, because she has me.”

You see, for once in her life, my sister isn’t bucking the trends of her generation, and at the age of 23 (almost 24) is living with the parents. She is making no signs that she is considering moving on. When she first moved back, she said that it was just for three months. That was a year and a half ago.

I tried to explain to my mother why she may never leave. The list went something like this, “You clean, you cook, you do her laundry, you take care of her cat. You grocery shop, you repair holes in her clothes and you wash her sheets. You make her tea, you clean her water bottles and you let her take over the living room. Why on earth would she leave?”

My mother thought about it for awhile, and even over the phone, I could see the gleeful grin spread across her face. Then the mother said, “She pays for those services with her sanity, because you see, I have the joy and responsibility of making her a little crazy. When she’s out late, I call her cell phone to see if she’s okay. I yell after her as she leaves, telling her to drive safely. I tease her about sex and make her blush. See, she doesn’t have it as good as you think, because I still get to mother her, whether she likes it or not.”

I thought about it for a minute and had nothing. She was right. It seems to be a fair exchange of services.

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  1. raina rose

    I AM NOT DIRTY!!! HOW DARE YOU!! I am a little sloppy, i don’t have the time to breathe let alone cook dinner. ANd you forgot to mention that i am also attempting to launch my music career and making the SACRIFICE of living with my parents and looking like a damn kid, for saving money and trying to go on tour and make records!!
    they must love me more than you…
    plus, punkass, i just moved BOXES AND BOXES of your CRAP from a storage unit into the attic. SO, stop talking shit about me on your blog.
    i love you lots and lots,
    see ya when you get home.
    we’ll go to the bins and make mom do the laundry.

  2. Shelli

    LOL, at first I was giggling at your entry…

    And then I read your sisters comment above!

    Hehe. You two sound like me and my sisters!

    Anyway, I have to be honest here. If my Mom did all that stuff, Id move back home too! I mean, it’s like mothering just doesnt get old! I’ll take it whenever i can get it.

    As for your moms answer. ::grin:: shes so right on. She is a smart lady! 🙂

    ~Shells xoxo

  3. Random quest

    Nice,reaaall,nice. What a nice loving thing to say about your sister in public Marissa. You need therapy. You need a life…a more interesting life.

  4. Marisa

    Hey Random Quest, I appreciate your concern, but my sister and are good, we love each other enough to be able to poke fun at each other in public, without any negative repercussions.

    Thanks for stopping by, but if you don’t find my life interesting, you are under no obligation to read about it.

  5. raina rose

    Hey! I love my sister, she can rag on me all she wants, and i will still love her, she doesn’t need therapy! she’s fine. we just have a very interesting relationship! This is how i explain our differences: i have probably 12 pairs of shows. Marisa has about 25-35. I barely graduated high school and never went to college. Marisa got straight A’s and went to college and got a job right afterwards. I spend all my time making music and making crafts….i am not sure what Marisa does, but whatever it is, it is well organized and nicely color-coordinated.
    We are very different. And i love every bit of her, and i spend a good share of time making fun of her too! just not on my website 🙂


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