Pet love

This morning while I lay in bed reading, not wanting to get up quite yet, my grumpy 13 year old cat Dinky, who always spends the first four or five days of my visit punishing me for staying away so long, came over to snuggle. Minutes passed as we sat there together. He purred and drooled a bit as I petted him and occasionally rubbed the top of his head with my nose. I love this cat beyond reason, and have reluctantly prepared myself for the day when my mom will call me to tell me he has disappeared or died in his sleep. But for now he lives and I get my snuggles in while I can.

After 20 minutes of cuddling, I heard the downstairs door open, and my dad whispered to the dog, “Go say hi to Meecie.” Bonnie bounded up the stairs and leaped on the bed, sending the cat flying off to find a safe, dog-free place. Bonnie rolled over on her back, waiting for the pats and scratches she knew would be forthcoming. I did not let her down and covered her with affection and attention.

Though I love the pet-hair free life I lead in Philly, I miss the small, furry animals that roam around my parents’ house. If my apartment building allowed it, I would get a cat in about three minutes. But until the time I live in a place that welcomes pets, I have to get my fill of dog and cat love while I’m home. I’ve made good headway so far.

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