Zeynep–a girl or an alien race, you be the judge

A friend of a friend lives in Turkey. He is dating a young woman named Zeynep. When our friend first told us this, we all had puzzled looks flash across our faces. Ingrid said, “It sounds like a kind of tea.” I commented that I thought it sounded like an alien species or language, kind of like, “I come from the planet Zeynep, take me to your leader.” Cindy finished us off with, “I think you use it to remove stains. I spilled some red wine on the sweater, and a little squirt of Zeynep got it right out!” We hope they are happy together and have many little Zeyneps.

0 thoughts on “Zeynep–a girl or an alien race, you be the judge

  1. Marisa

    This Zeynep is 22 and living in Turkey, so I doubt that she went to school with Scott.

    And Scott, we all know your computer skills are far below par. Yep, that’s you, a total computer novice.


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