She's leaving home (again)

Monday I called home to Portland, and my dad answered the phone. He said he was inside drinking hot chocolate to warm up, because he’d spent most of the afternoon outside in the cold, building a platform in the back of my sister’s new van. When he finished the chocolate, he hurried me off the phone, because he had to finish the platform in time to head out for his Monday night basketball game.

My dad built a platform in the back of my sister’s van (a very large, white 1998 Caravan that Raina has nicknamed “Brenda Jo”) because she is hitting the road tomorrow, starting the big, cross-country tour she’s always dreamed of. She leaves Portland to head for the wilds of Eugene, OR (a whopping three hours away from home). The comes California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Georgia, Pennsylvania, New York and Maine. If she’ll be passing through your state on the way to one of these places, but doesn’t have a show there, it’s because she couldn’t find a venue. Take a look at the full calendar here. She’d be happy to add more shows that fit into the timing, if you’ve got the spot and the people.

The second weekend of March, she’s going to be in the City of Brotherly Love, sleeping on my sofa and playing a show in the sanctuary of the First Unitarian Church (Saturday, March 11th, 7 pm) for $5 a person. If you’re in the Philly, I definitely recommend you check her out.

When my dad was finished with the custom-fit platform for the van, complete with doors that lock to guard her gear, Raina said, “thank you for building me a house, Daddy.” He said that it was just what parents do for their little rock stars.

0 thoughts on “She's leaving home (again)

  1. Katey Schultz

    your tone for the past five posts has been so clear, even, and eloquent. keep it up. (are you sick of my comments on your writing yet? ack! i can’t help it!)

  2. Sandra

    I live in Houston, but I’m from Austin, so a trip to see friends and family may be on the agenda that weekend. Too bad she isn’t stopping Houston.

  3. Sandra

    Ooh she’s in Austin, but not Houston. I’m from there so a trip to Austin to see family and friends might just happen that weekend. Too bad she’s not playing in Houston.


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