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I woke up this morning like I always do on Monday mornings, just a little bit reluctantly. I got myself into the shower before the 7:50 am edition of Marketplace started and out of the bathroom seven minutes later than I had promised my roommate. Thankfully, he’s an easygoing guy who doesn’t start to get annoyed until I’m more that ten minutes late. Hair dried and body dressed, I sat down at my computer with my bowl of Trader Joe’s Hi-Fiber Oh’s (a friend thinks them akin to eating cardboard, but I enjoy the little bits of indigestible fiber that crunch between my teeth) and sliced banana, to check my email before heading off for work.

There was an email from my college/blogging friend Katey entitled, “good news, blogger” that enticed me to read it first. And the news was good. She was writing to tell me that, unbeknownst to her, the editor of WNC Woman had been following her blog and was interested in publishing several entries, as well as an article about blogging. As part of the article, she gets to include a list of her favorite blogs, and wanted to know if I wanted to be included. I wrote back right then, trying to infuse as much of my squeaky-voiced excitement in my response as is possible in writing.

The article will be published in the February edition of WNC Woman, and will be available online. When that time comes, there will be linking. In fact, quite a lot. Prepare yourselves. In the meantime, take yourself over to Katey’s blog again, because as this article shows, I’m not the only one who thinks it’s terrific.

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