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I’ve put a set of pictures together from Georgia’s birthday party on Friday night, that include the cake(!), my friends lounging on the glamorous red couch and Ingrid and Ajayi swing dancing around the living room.

Send thoughts of safety out to my sister and her traveling companions, as they were in a little fender bender over the weekend in Arkansas. Not realizing that the overpass they were crossing would be icy (Oregonians are not always known for their cold weather driving skills), they didn’t slow down, and slid into the side guard. The white van is a little banged up, but still driveable, and hopefully some valuable cold weather driving lessons have been learned. (Who else is surprised to learn that it snows in Arkansas? I always assumed it was one of those states that never got cold).

I didn’t tag anyone to play along with Pax’s meme in the post below. I’m normally not much of a tagger, believing that it’s akin to asking people to buy tickets to your 7th grader’s school play (a practice to which my parents were firmly against). But today, I just feel the urge to tag, and so I am. I tag people with whom I’ve been in movies theaters in the last week:


Go forth and meme.

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