Parts and the whole

Today I did a assortment of things that brought me happiness, both in the doing of the individual tasks and in the wholeness of their collective.

I lay in bed until ten, stretching my body to take up all the space the bed had to offer. I made french toast, mixing the eggs and milk in the square metal bowl that is just like the one my mom has and uses for the same purpose. I talked to my plants and encouraged the lavender I’m growing from seed to thrive. I mopped my kitchen floor, deriving great satisfaction from turning dirty into clean. I mailed packages, bought grapefruits, artichokes, broccoli and pineapple. I remade my bed with newly clean sheets, fluffing the pillows in anticipation of crawling back into it tonight. I wrapped a gift and took pictures as it was opened, along with others. I had dinner with people I enjoy at the Asia Cafe, my new favorite restaurant. I celebrated a friend’s birthday, and left the party when I was tired.

My clean bed calls, and I must answer.

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