Dinner in Delaware

Tonight a carload of us ventured down to Delaware to attend a friend’s birthday celebration. It was a seven course Moroccan dinner at a restaurant off the highway that looks like it should be a truck stop. You walk in and aren’t at a truck stop and you sure aren’t in Delaware any longer.

I took lots of pictures, and will get a full set up tomorrow. Right now I’ve got to put myself to bed.

0 thoughts on “Dinner in Delaware

  1. Owen

    Ha-ha! I always thought that Casablanca looked more like a strangely renovated bowling alley or grocery store both on the inside and outside.

    Did they play the obnoxiously loud and never ending birthday music for your friend? Did you see any sword dancers? I’m told that one (a male sword dancer) exists but have never actually seen him at any of my many trips down there.

  2. Marisa

    It was a lot like Marrakesh off South Street. The menu was almost identical, but I think Marrakesh does a slightly better job.

    There were no sword dancers, but a belly dancer did come out especially for our group. And yes, there was plenty of loud music.

    It was a lot of food. A lot. But you eat with your fingers, which I always enjoy.


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