Mullica Hill

I almost made my sister miss her gig tonight in Mullica Hill, NJ. Heading over to Jersey, exiting off the Ben Franklin Bridge, I got over-confident, and sent us off on a wild ride. We got to the coffeehouse with five minutes to spare, but only after I spent half an hour torturing myself, completely sure that I was in the process of destroying my sister’s career. Fortunately, she and her friend Amber are a flexible pair, and the folks at Stir It Up were accommodating and totally welcoming. Raina gave a great show, despite the fact that at it’s highest point, the crowd numbered eight, and that included our step-uncle, Amber and me. I’m looking forward to seeing her tomorrow night in front of a larger group.

Of course I took pictures, as I can’t help it. I’ve put together a set of 45 shots (I took over 100, which is totally obscene). Have a look.

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