One big old whopper of a disappointment

Last May, an acquaintance told me she’d be leaving her job this spring. She mentioned it to me because she thought I might be interested in applying for it when the time came, and she wanted to give me a heads up. I was interested, and haunted the website all of January, waiting for the position to be posted.

I worked hard on the cover letter and resume, honing and crafting them so that they would convey my personality, my energy and my passion for this type of work. I turned them in and waited. The job was for the people who gave me an award at the beginning of the month, doing the type of work for which they gave me the award, so I felt hopeful.

Today, nearly a month and a half after I turned my materials in (and after a hopeful email from the district executive on April 5th implying I would be interviewed), I got a call informing me that I was not the direction they wanted to go and so they would not be interviewing me. That they got six applications, and would be interviewing four of the six, and I was not one of them.

I realize that this sort of thing happens all the time, but I was really qualified for this job. I really wanted this job and the disappointment not to even get an interview has been fairly overwhelming.

6 thoughts on “One big old whopper of a disappointment

  1. Emily

    Oh Marisa. The word that immediately comes to mind: crestfallen. I understand what its like to feel so confident in one’s own qualifications for a position that it makes it all the more dissappointing when other people don’t seem to be as aware. Kind of like, “Hey! I’m great! And if you would freakin’ interview me you would realize it!”

    My sympathies anyway…Try to keep in mind that the universe might have something else in store for you.

  2. Ellen

    I am keeping my fingers crossed that an even better opportunity comes your way. You do deserve to have the best and will be hoping the universe shows you that path soon.

  3. Sherri W.

    I was so sorry to learn this. Contradictory signals are never fun, but perhapsd never less fun as when they’re overlapping with all the issues of life-purpose, direction, and being judged that happens in job searches.



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