Random Friday–Holiday Weekend, here I come!

It’s Friday once more, and as is my Friday tradition, it is time for me to set my pod a’shufflin’ and report back the first ten songs it spits out. I promise not to omit, alter or justify any of the songs that show up. I expect all who play along to adhere to the same pledge!

1. If I Wrote You, Dar Williams (End of the Summer)
2. Cold Feet, Tracy Chapman (New Beginnings)
3. Feelin’ Love, Paula Cole (This Fire)
4. Point Shirley, Rhett Miller (The Instigator)
5. Main Man, The Ramones (Monda Bizarro)
6. Burn, Ray LaMontagne (Trouble)
7. The Girl I Left Behind, Charlotte Martin (Test-Drive Songs)
8. Anticipate, Ani DiFranco (Living In Clip)
9. 1 2 3, Indigo Girls (Nomads Indians Saints)
10. More Love, Dixie Chicks (Home)

Favorite Song: Burn by Ray LaMontagne. Seeing Ray in concert last summer was revelatory. I had heard his music on XPN for months, but hadn’t really registered it as something I particularly liked or cared about, until one day a friend called me up, and said that another friend of ours had tickets to his show and wasn’t able to use them. Did I want to go? I said sure, and the night of the concert I finally realized what all the fussy was about. I hardly moved during his performance, so transfixed was I. Thankfully, the CD is a fairly good representation of what he’s like live, and so I can get a fix of it any time I need.

Favorite Album: Living in Clip. I first became aware of Ani DiFranco and the Living in Clip album my freshman year of college. This double CD had drifted into my life via my dad (my sister and I both claimed ownership of it at certain times, and finally I was forced to buy my own when it got too scratched by sand to be played anymore). My RA, Erica, would play it in her room, and would announce everytime one of the songs came on that she had been at that show, and she thought she could hear herself cheering (I don’t remember what song it was, all I know is that it was the one recorded at a show in Idaho, but I can’t find the listing of where the tracks were recorded).

Seen Live: Dar Williams (she’s playing at the Lower Merion Concert Under the Stars on June 25 for $10), Ray LaMontagne, Ani DiFranco and the Indigo Girls.

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