Random Friday–Not Too Much of Any One Thing

My beloved iBook committed suicide last night, swallowing a handful of rocks and chewing them well before shouting, “Goodbye cruel world!” and going dark. I know my shiny white laptop would want me to move on, to love again and yet, I must mourn. So I bring you this Random Friday Ten with a heavy heart (and the admission that the contents of my hard drive are completely un-backed up).

For those of you who haven’t been paying attention, here are the Random Friday Rules once more. Set your pod or other, less aesthetically pleasing, digital music device to shuffle/random and report back the first ten songs it spits out. No skipping, omitting, obfuscating or justifying allowed, as you want to stay in the good graces of the Random Friday Gods (and they know all).

1. Amazing Grace, Ani DiFranco (Living in Clip)
2. Tropicalia, Beck (Mutations)
3. Mother, the Queen of My Heart, Mo Mack (Not Too Much of Any One Thing)
4. Turn Around, Nanci Griffin (Other Voices, Other Rooms)
5. I Found a New Friend, They Might Be Giants (Apollo 18)
6. Maceo’s Groove, Maceo Parker (Funk Overload)
7. Forever My Friend, Ray LaMontagne (XPN New Music Sampler)
8. Perfect, Alanis Morissette (Jagged Little Pill)
9. Town to Town, G. Love & Special Sauce (G. Love & Special Sauce)
10. Stay All Night (Stay a Little Longer), Willie Nelson (Willie Nelson*Songs)

Favorite Song: Forever My Friend by Ray LaMontagne. What can I say? Ray is an amazing singer and songwriter and seeing him in live at the Merriam last summer was one of my best concert going experiences in life. Second only to Polyphonic Spree at the TLA on Valentine’s Day 2005.

Favorite Album: Nanci Griffin’s Other Voices, Other Rooms. Her songs are stories (and my dad hammered an appreciate for that into my head from the time I could listen). When I was in college I listened to this CD so much that eventually it stopped playing. Thankfully I held on to it, and somehow, it worked just fine when I ripped it to my computer and so it was given a new lease on life.

Personal Connections: Mo Mack is my dad, and I always tickles me when he shows up on the Random Friday set.

Seen Live: Ani DiFranco (she is showing up far too often in the random set, it might be time to pull some of her music from the pod), Mo Mack (mostly in the living room while I was growing up), They Might Be Giants (who are playing the XPN Free at Noon concert next week), Ray LaMontagne and G. Love & Special Sauce.

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8 thoughts on “Random Friday–Not Too Much of Any One Thing

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  4. Scott

    Finally a little TMBG (and that song is very little).

    I think your iBook can be rebuilt. We can make it stronger, faster (and perhaps even save your data!).

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  7. Jason

    Just going through this myself and wondering if you could add a link to my site? I’m actually doin this thing for thereapy and it seems to help. Thanks,


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